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Plant-Based Body Transformation Blueprint: Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Plant-Based Body Transformation Blueprint: Achieve Your Ideal Weight

Exhausted from the dieting rollercoaster and ready to ditch the yo-yo cycle? Fed up with denying yourself beloved dishes, only to find yourself restarting over and over?


Picture a world where you don't need to dive into the latest weight loss fad.


If shedding some weight is on your radar, look no further! I'll reveal that strict dieting isn't the only path to your desired results. A few simple tweaks to your plant-based eating habits, coupled with some mouthwatering recipes, can make all the difference. Weight loss doesn't have to be a complex and joyless journey—I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Whether you're aiming to drop a couple of pounds or a couple of stones, let's make it happen! With a personalized plant-based package crafted around your preferences, dislikes, and goals, we'll collaborate to achieve the results you desire. Plus, I'll equip you with all the knowledge about how your body functions, making it easier to understand its plant-powered needs for effective weight loss.


This comprehensive plant-based package isn't just about our time together—it's a toolkit for maintaining your new plant-powered weight while savoring the foods you love!



Package Includes:

  • Free plant-based consultation
  • Get-to-know-you plant-based questionnaire
  • Personalized plant-based meal plan (tailored to your weight goal)
  • Weekly plant-based check-ins
  • Plant-based transition blueprint
  • Plant-based information guides
  • Plant-based cheat sheet
  • Macronutrient analysis
  • Micronutrient analysis
  • Delicious plant-based recipes
  • Plant-based client aftercare


Ready to kick off this flavorful and nourishing plant-based journey? Let's dive in!



    • Free consultation
    • Get to know you questionnaire
    • Personalised meal plan (tailored to your weight goal)
    • Weekly check-ins
    • Transition brochure 
    • Plant-based information guides 
    • Plant-Based cheat sheet
    • Macronutrients analysis
    • Micronutrient analysis
    • Recipes 
    • Client aftercare 

    If you are dissatisfied with the plan provided, please get in touch and we can make any adjustments together, and/or resolve any issues you have.


    After our consultation and get to know you questionnaire, please allow 2-3 days for your personalised meal plan to be developed and created, and sent to you via email.



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