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  • Is it hard becoming plant-based?
    It really depends on each individual! Those who are transitioning from a heavy meat diet may find it harder, where as others may not. Some transition slowly over time making it easier to adjust.
  • Is alcohol plant-based?
    This depends on the alcohol and the brand. Many beers and wines are filtered through isinglass (fish bladders), so not all are suitable for this lifestyle. Spirits on the other hand are quite often plant-based. A quick Google search on your drink of choice will tell you all you need to know!
  • What can I use instead of cow's milk?
    Soy milk, oat milk, rice milk, almond milk.. the list goes on!
  • What does plant-based mean?
    To follow a plant-based diet simply means to not consume or use anything that contains animal derived ingredients and products.
  • If we all stopped eating meat, would animals become extinct?"
    Ahhh, this old question. In short - no. The amount of animals bred for consumption would decrease dramatically as there would be no demand for it, but it is very unlikely for it to get to the extent of said animals becoming extinct. Eventually over time there would be no more farm animals than any other species on the planet.
  • Is a plant-based diet healthy?
    Yes, and no. Overall the plant-based diet is very healthy, the food you can eat is filled with natural vitamins, protein, iron etc. which helps the body function. Buttt...... there is also plant-based junk food, e.g. Oreos, icecream, burgers. Just because it's plant-based, it does not mean it's healthy. Yumfu's goal is to provide you with healthy recipes and plant-based alternatives.
  • I've heard people following a plant-based diet have trouble getting enough B12, is this true?"
    Yes it is! But so do meat eaters, pescatarians and vegetarians! We are all in the same boat. B12 is found in soil. As most food is washed before we buy it at the supermarket, and then after washing it ourselves, the B12 is removed. Some good ways of getting B12 are through fortified foods, including some soy products, plant milks, breakfast cereals and supplementation.
  • Do we have to mention that we are plant-based or vegan at every chance we have?
    You have to mention it at least 1000 times a day, whenever you think about the word, or just havent said it within a 10 minute time frame to any person, animal or inaminate object you may see. Seriously though, we get a bad wrap from a certain few, it really just depends on how annoying you are as a person.
  • I don't like Tofu, do I have to eat it?"
    Absolutley not! There are a wide range of other alternatives, which are also high in protein. Tofu is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. However, Tofu is very versatile - I would try different ways to prepare it, before ruling it out completely.
  • Why should I buy a package?
    If you want to kickstart and transition into a plant-based lifestyle, whether for ethical, goal orientated, dietry or other personal reasons, yumfu can give you exactly what you need. I can help you to accomplish your goals, giving you the right information and tailored nutritional advice, to help you lead a healthier, kinder, and plant-based lifestyle.
  • Can I still eat out at restaurants?
    Of course! You may have to check the restuarant menu before hand to make sure there are vegan-friendly options avaliable, but over the last few years the amount of restuarants catering to this lifestyle has increased innumerably and offer some great vegan-friendly options.
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