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Project Menu Creation

Project Menu Creation

Calling all visionary restaurant owners! Are you ready to enchant your herbivore patrons with an array of irresistible plant-based dishes? Your search ends here!


No matter the culinary heritage—be it Greek, Italian, French, or any other palate-pampering cuisine—I'm here to catapult your business to new heights. Let's embark on a flavorful journey, crafting mouth-watering plant-based options tailored precisely to your restaurant's essence and aesthetics. Brace yourself for a culinary storm that'll leave your customers raving.


Each plant-powered creation comes complete with detailed nutritional and allergen information, ensuring not just deliciousness but also transparency and trust. Elevate your offerings and watch as your customers savor the innovative and health-conscious additions to your menu.


Tailored Culinary Collaboration


Discovery Session: Let's dive deep into your business identity and aspirations, ensuring our plant-powered journey aligns seamlessly with your vision.


Crafting Culinary Brilliance: Elevate your menu with a curated selection of 10 enticing plant-based options. Each dish, a masterpiece designed to delight and captivate your customers' palates.


 Nutritional Precision: Uncover the nutritional powerhouse of your new offerings with a meticulous macronutrient and micronutrient analysis. Ensuring not just deliciousness but also health-conscious choices for your patrons.


 Consistent Progress: Experience the ongoing support of weekly catch-ups, refining and enhancing your plant-based offerings to keep them fresh, exciting, and perfectly aligned with your restaurant's identity.


 Dedicated Client Aftercare: Our commitment extends beyond the consultation, providing ongoing care to ensure the continued success of your plant-powered menu.


Together, we'll weave a culinary tapestry that resonates with your brand, attracting new clientele and captivating the taste buds of your existing patrons. Ready to redefine your restaurant's identity and soar to new culinary heights?


Book your consultation now and let's craft a comprehensive blueprint for your menu transformation! 🌱🍽️ Your herbivore customers are eagerly awaiting the plant-powered feast that awaits!


    • Consultation 
    • Get to know you and your business 
    • 10 plant-based options for your menu 
    • Macronutrient analysis 
    • Micronutrient analysis 
    • Weekly catch-ups 
    • Client aftercare

    If you are dissatisfied with the plan provided, please get in touch and we can make any adjustments together, and/or resolve any issues you have. 


    After our consultation and get to know you questionnaire, please allow 2-3 days for your personalised meal plan to be developed and created, and sent to you via email.



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