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Plant-Based Nutrition

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Hi! I’m Callum, 

Alright, legends! Callum here, your go-to mate for diving headfirst into the world of plant-powered living. If you're pondering the leap to a plant-based diet, need a hand with weight management, or dream of athletic greatness on a plant-fueled journey, you're in the right place.

I'm not your run-of-the-mill nutritionist; I'm all about making plant-based living feel like a damn good time. Forget dull diets; we're talking about a lifestyle that not only fuels your body but cranks up the good vibes.

So, who am I? I'm the plant-based
nutritionist, columnist, speaker, and podcast guy. Yup, I'm vegan. My mission? To smash the stereotypes of healthy living and make plant-powered choices your new cool.

Now, let's talk plans. I'm not throwing generic advice at you; I'm here to craft plans that don't just tweak your plate but shake up your whole damn life. Whether you're gearing up for a plant-based transition, need a wingman for weight management, or chasing athletic greatness, I've got your back.

Catch me on the mic or in front of a crowd, delivering the thrill of plant-powered living. And if you're looking to book me for a speaking gig or want some nutrition wisdom in your column, hit me up!

Why plant-based? It's not just a diet; it's a revolution. We're talking choices that not only make you feel top-notch but also high-five Mother Earth. Let's ditch the dull and make healthy living the hottest trend in town.

Ready to roll? Whether you're gearing up for a plant-powered shift, need a weight management wingman, or aiming for athletic greatness, hit me up. Let's kickstart this plant-powered journey together!


"What can I say about yumfu? 

The idea that you can't follow a plant-based lifestyle and get in amazing shape is completely a myth after following the meal plans I was sent, along with the knowledge provided, I have seen such an impact in such a little amount of time!


 I was always struggling to gain muscle, but it took less than a month to see the results - I have gained muscle and got lean at the same time.

That's not even the best thing about yumfu, the snack recipes, oh my God had I missed having decent snacks! And they're healthy too! I can snack and don't even have to feel bad about the food I'm eating! ​


Overall, everything is made so simple to understand, with everything you need to stay healthy whilst still enjoying the food you're used to, and getting into shape."



- Harley (Athlete Plan)

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