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Plant-Based Nutrition

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Thank you berry much!


Hi! I’m Callum, 

The founder of Yumfu


What does Yumfu mean? Nothing, it’s cute, catchy and stuck.


Myself, I am a certified plant-based nutritionist, CMA approved and educational speaker.


I have many years worth of plant-based experience and am here to help you live the best and healthiest life you can living on a plant-based diet.


We all know our health is vital to living the best possible life we can, don’t let your health become an afterthought as we all know nothing feels or tastes better than when we feel nourished.


Whether you’re a meat-eater, looking to transition into a plant-based lifestyle, wanting to becoming the next plant powered bodybuilder, seeking a plant-based pregnancy or anything in between, then I am here for you.


I want and guarantee to give you the best evidence and science based nutritional advice to keep to your health goals and boost your body to the optimal health it was designed for with tailored packages for your exact needs and desire.

With free consultations in person or over video call, I want to get to know YOU, support YOU and give you the best nutrition, advice and mouth-watering recipes I have to offer.


"What can I say about yumfu? 

The idea that you can't follow a plant-based lifestyle and get in amazing shape is completely a myth after following the meal plans I was sent, along with the knowledge provided, I have seen such an impact in such a little amount of time!


 I was always struggling to gain muscle, but it took less than a month to see the results - I have gained muscle and got lean at the same time.

That's not even the best thing about yumfu, the snack recipes, oh my God had I missed having decent snacks! And they're healthy too! I can snack and don't even have to feel bad about the food I'm eating! ​


Overall, everything is made so simple to understand, with everything you need to stay healthy whilst still enjoying the food you're used to, and getting into shape."



- Harley (Athlete Plan)

Nutritional packages
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