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The Plant-Fuelled Podcast

I think it was only going to be a matter of time before I launched a podcast to delve deeper into the world of plant-based nutrition, focusing on subjects that will allow me to learn and develop a deeper understanding of the body and food working together to create various outcomes.

Myself, I am always intrigued when new research comes out, I love to read it but do I understand it enough to educate others? Not particularly. In fact, this is how misinformation is spread, people try to unravel studies in which they have no clue how to read or decipher.

If I cannot do it myself, then the next big thing would be to get those experts onto a show to talk and share the information and knowledge that they know so well.

This is how the Plant-Fuelled Podcast came about.

I have already launched 8 episodes covering topics such as gut health with Dr Anthony Rafferty, nutrition and genetics with Ellie Busby, Weight-loss stories with Graham Henry and also Curing Endometriosis with Anette Henry.

And if you are looking to change your mindset and break habits, I sat down with the godfather of vegan bodybuilding and New York Times best-selling author Robert Cheeke to deep dive into his life, his mindset and how the book the plant-based athlete came about.

With an ongoing line up there is always going to be something for you.

So why not give it a little listen, or smash those star buttons to give the podcast extra reach to those who may be interested.

Find the plant-fuelled podcast on


Peace and Plants Friends 🌱


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