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Lentil & Tofu Plant-Based Stuffed Mushrooms

Are you fed up with just adding mushrooms to your meals? of course they may taste great when you add them to a stirfry, a chilli, a spaghetti bolognese, but have you ever tried it the other way round?

What I mean by the other way round is adding food to your mushrooms? if not, then I have a brand new plant-based recipe for you that will have those taste buds pulsing with flavour.

Of course, this is my way of creating this meal but feel free to play around with this recipe adding all the leftovers from the week that you may have laying about.

And as usual, I shall be adding the nutrition below for you all below.

Serves 1

Prep: 10

Cook: 35


2 giant mushrooms

1 tsp soy sauce

1⁄4 onion - diced

1/2 leek - finely diced

1 garlic clove - diced

1 small carrot - diced

1 sprig of fresh thyme - diced

50g firm tofu - scrambled

200g canned lentils

30g brown rice - feel free to use packet rice if easier.


Pine nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds for a crunchy topping.


  • Preheat the oven to 200c

  • Boil the brown rice according to the instructions on the packet

  • Remove the mushroom stalks and some of the inside to create a bowl, chop the removed mushroom pieces into small chunks

  • Add 1/2 tsp of soy sauce, onion, garlic, carrot, mushroom, leek and tofu into a pan and let simmer until soft (add any other vegetables you want that you may have leftover to the pan)

  • When rice is cooked, drain both the rice and lentils and add to the mixture in the pan and leave to simmer for a few minutes adding salt, pepper, 1/2 tsp of soy sauce and other seasonings of choice. This is optional, although I would suggest a pinch of cumin for some spice.

  • Add the mixture to the hollowed-out mushrooms and cook for 20 minutes until the mushrooms have become soft and the topping crunchy.

  • Add the thyme, serve and enjoy

Kcal: 539

Protein: 42g

Carbs: 77g

Fat: 10g

Sat Fat: 2g

Fibre: 16g

Iron: 10mg

Calcium: 464mg

Zinc: 5.9mg

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